About Us

Mrs. Radharani Dutta (Message From the Desk of MD):

Welcome to the world of Phenomenal Events – The name which is synonym of excellence and integrity in creating events and social welfare.

I extend my warm greetings of New Year to all of you. I am extremely delighted to inform you that our own Phenomenal Events has made a remarkable entry in the world of creating events. With an objective of creating and managing events, consequently extending our hand for the welfare of our society, we have succeeded to maintain a sustainable growth till now and have been growing with proper planning and structuring the organization to effectively utilize its resource.

Mr. Ramakant Upadhyay : (Chairperson of Mr. and Miss. Perfectionist Event)

Chairperson of Mr. and Miss. Perfectionist Events organised by Phenomenal Events is a legend by his own rights who needs no introduction of himself.

His farsightedness combined with his experience has proved to be an asset for us. His presence itself has given us huge boost and inspiration to organize the event and has given us the courage to stretch our wings to touch a new horizon. His activities till now speak volume as he has already produced several films and TV soaps and serials and most of them were instant hits. To name a few, 6 Hritu 7 rong, Jiboner Khela, Somoy Chakra, Atonko, Oporadh are some of the movies released from his production house. He works as promoter and builder as well that includes Ruhani Developers. More we speak about him, his description remains incomplete. Bottom-line is, his presence acts as an pillar for our organization.

Mr. Lalit Sharma (CEO of Mr. and Miss. Perfectionist / Little Master 2017 ):

Welcome to the world of Phenomenal Events – The name which is synonym of excellence and integrity in creating events and social welfare.

Mr. Lalit Sharma is the CEO of Phenomenal Events. He is a multi faceted and multitasking as well as a born leader. His constant guidance and participation in Phenomenal Events has given dimension and built a strong foundation for the organization. Any description about him is incomplete unless his association are kept untold. At present, besides being the CEO of Phenomenal Events, he is the President of National Human Rights And Social Justice Commission, an NGO for human rights and justice. Other than that, he is also associated with West Bengal Pradesh Congress Sevadal as Organisation Secretary, Vice President of We Care Foundation, More...

The activities that we are engaged in:

Dance Competition

Singing Competition

Beauty Contests

Wedding Event

Birthday Parties

Cultural Events

Event Management

Live Concerts

Passion for excellence in our mind and with integrity in whatever we do, we are surging ahead with victory. Mission: Our corporate responsibility is “event management with integrity” that epitomises our approach to our society. A certain

percentage of our profits accrued from the events we create are donated to some reputed NGOs that include:

  • National Human Rights & Social Justice Commission
  • To help orphan children
  • Helping destitute